New Album Out 26 February!

From the Land of the Midnight Sun

...comes this hauntingly beautiful a capella trio, Vanja Modigh. Masters of Swedish folk singing, they breathe new life into the repertoire with creativity, experimentation and musical joy. With their feminine and powerful expression, Vanja Modigh takes the listeners on a magical journey.


Vanja Modigh was founded in 2015 and will celebrate their fifth anniversary by releasing their debut album Vocal Tradition in February 2021. Over the years they have toured both in Sweden and abroad, and have a loyal and dedicated audience who will travel far to experience their performances.


A concert with Vanja Modigh captivates and transports with music of rich harmonic polyphony, innovative rhythms, blue notes and humour as well as heart. Vanja Modigh draw from their rich Nordic folk heritage, mixing original material with their own arrangements of traditional songs in a new and authentic way. They bring the colourful northern lights to their performance and create a sound that never fails to move their audience.


"There are songs that move you, there are songs that remain with you and there are songs that just have to be sung."